Nature can mould time into physical objects, heavy liquid into weightless clouds, rain into rainbows.. With all said and written, let's confess, it's nearly impossible for us to shape emotions into words. Yet I remain on the path of limitless creative endeavour. Ouvertures and outcomes of such are translations driven by the intuitive search for beauty, the aesthetic of the sensory, and the feeling of truth.

Through the prism of an ever-changing world within us, there have been impressions, visions, and enlightening appearing that I would love to share with the world that resonates.

I am an Interior Architect and Interdisciplinary researcher turned multihyphenate creator exploring my vision through various media. As my previous writing focuses were Architecture and material culture, Anthropology, new technologies in documentation and history I've always been drawn to the world, the words and images to explain it.

I've travelled, visiting and documenting 50 countries on 4 continents. In the process, I didn't explain the world but the world unveiled my inner universe to myself instead.. and I suppose, it is a bigger discovery.

Accredited by the International Journalists Association and Creative Artists Union.

Multilingual: English, Russian, Tatar, French, and Turkish.

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