Norwegian expedition itinerary

Norway for the first time! (country number 33 on the list)

There are not many trips that can compare to Norwegian Fjords expedition.There are some that we remember, others bear something special to retain, and some happen at the right time, they transform us.

Our small boat flew so fast above the water that raindrops were crushing into the skin like swords, and cameras were becoming dangerously wet in seconds.Being surrounded by huge green rocks and hills veiled with blueish fog, kilometers of cold sea and clear northern air in the land of true nature and not a single man, I felt not less than overwhelmed. So lets proceed to the itinerary part.

Our trip went as follows:- The scenic Railway Train brought us from Myrdal to Flåm.

All these breathtaking views can be observed and captured while you are on the train.Don't miss a moment! (Stand in the corridor or sit next to the window)

Leaving Flam:

- We used a small Fjord Cruise to reach Bergen (the smaller your ship is, the narrower fjords you will be able to get into). This trip took us a little more than 5 hours.

Trip Tips & Recommendations:We've been there in August. This month is said to be the perfect time and a highest season in Norway but it was FREEZING outside and very windy! So make sure you bring a lot of hot tea, coffee and snacks.The ship was well furnished, had very comfortable seats and a cafe (with some food like sausages and sandwiches that were sold out after one-two hours approx) on board.

The ship stopped very close to the waterfall on its way.

Houses and stations, all colored in falu red.

Coasts covered in fog.

- After two nights in Bergen we moved to the south. The Ship that brought us to Stavanger in 5 hours and 30 minutes was a proper big Cruise Liner with 7 or 8 decks, on-board restaurant and other amenities.